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BETWEEN MATHUB^ 1KB KASHMfR.                       Ill

connection with the neighbourhood ; bat there seems to have been some special

bond of union between Mathuri and Kashmir. Incredible as it has been deemed
by most geographers, it is yet within the range of possibility, as pointed out
by Professor Wilson, that Ptolemy intended, by the close similarity of
names, to indicate a cornectlon between Kaovijp&fadr&ff rrf Bifid ffvw Ktd ro&
2az£0y30X mlnv Poa&'os -s^yasó that is? Kasperia, or Kashmir, at the
sources of the Vitasta, the Chandra-bhaga? and the Ravió and the Kash-
pekoei, dwelling lower down on the Yindhya range, and the banks of the
Jamuna, one of whose chief towns was Mathura. For, further, Ptolemy repre-
sents yf TOvSdW Kwpa *the country of Panda, ' as lying in the neigbour-
hood of the Vitasta, or Jhelam ; while ArriaA, quoting from Megasthenes, says
it derived its name from Pandoaa, the daughter of Hercules? the divinity
specially venerated by the Suraseni on the Jamona. Thus, as it would seem, he
identifies Mathura, the chief town of the Suraseni, with Pandoea. Balarama?
one of its two tutelary divinities, may be certainly recognized as Belus? the
Indian Hercules ; while, if we allow for a little distortion of the original
legend, Prifcha, another name of Kuntf, the mother of the Pandavas and sister
of Krishna and Balarama's father, Vasudeva, may be considered the native
form which was corrupted into Pandoea.

In historical illustration of the same line of argument, it may be remarked
that Gonanda I., the king of Kashmir contemporary with Krishna, is related
(Raja-Iarangini, I., 59) to have been a kinsman of Jarasandha and to have
assisted him in the siege of Mathura.* He was slain there on the bank of the
Kalindi, i.e>, the Jamuna, by Balarama. His son and successor, Damodara, a
few years later, thinking to avenge his father's death, made an attack on a party
of Krishna's friends, as they were returning from a wedding at Gandhara near
the Indus, but himself met his death at that hero's hands. The next\>ccupant
of the throne of Mathura in succession to Jarasandha was Kama, the faithful
ally of the Kauravas, against whom the great war was waged by Krishna and
the Pandavas. Gonanda IL, the son of Damodara, was too young to take any

** Gonanda, the king of Kashmir, baring been summoned by Mt relation, Jaffisaadha, to us
assistances besieged with & mighty army K?i0irn&*s city of M&tiwraV*